Visitors center

The Bee Museum

Fly on It!

Thousands of colorful metal bees, ecological works of art, spectacular videos and stills, ancient tree trunks and transparent living bustling beehives create an impressive and unusual artistic experience. At the Bee Museum, you will learn about the secrets of the bees’ work in an inspiring way. A place without stings, but with lots of great taste.

Sculptures Garden

This is how a desert becomes a home

One of the highlights of the visit at the Visitors Center is the fascinating visit through the paths of the sculpture garden of the artist Chacha Porat. The sculpture garden is an open gallery with countless sculptures, which presents the entire range of Chacha’s extensive work. Chacha has sculptured in clay and bronze, marble, wood, iron, and stone. Each sculpture tells a personal story, a milestone in her rich life or a poignant statement.

Chacha engaged in a variety of topics which are expressed in her works, such as co-existence, personal experiences, human relations, family and femininity, and of course, the great desert in which we live, that has become a home and an eternal source of inspiration and joy.

A Nature Documentary

Bees That Can Be Seen from Here

Watch a nature documentary at the cinema room on large, good-quality screen, which tells the fascinating story of bees and the process of making honey. From the hatching of a new honeybee in the apiary, through the gathering of nectar and the pollen to removing the honey in the hive until the sweet moment of the honey flowing down.

The Moshabbutz Compound

This is What Pioneers Look Like

The Moshabbutz compound brings to life the former dining room and kitchen of the Moshabbutz. You can sit around the wooden table and feel the spirits of establishing the state and reclamation of the wilderness rise from every corner. The Moshabbutz serves also as an archive with pictures, quotations and memorial installation for the beginning of the settlement in the Arava and all who took part in it.

Our Home Tour


The Sculpture Garden, the Bee Museum and Porat Apiary

Suitable for families & Groups | 1 hour

We will start our tour at Chacha and Hagi Porat’s home, two of the moshav founders and a well-known artist, with her countless wonderful sculptures that represent many topics with grace, humor and plenty of originality. From there we will continue to the apiary to watch a fascinating documentary about the wonderful world of bees; we’ll go up to the spectacular Bee Museum where you will learn via transparent hives about the activity in the hive and honey gathering. Do you feel like something sweet? We will end the tour with honey tasting of the various species of the apiary.

Suitable for families. Groups (15 persons or more) by appointment only.

Duration of the tour – approx. 1 hour.

First tour: 11:00

Second tour: 13:00

Free entrance

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