About Porat farm

In the middle of the previous century, two friends, accompanied by Ben Gurion’s blessing, set out to realize the vision of settlement in the Arava. Until then, a desolate, remote and harsh area. The story of the two – Haggy Porat and Shay Ben Eliyahu – will eventually grow and develop into the settlement of the entire Arava, and will constitute part of the exciting story of hundreds of families and thousands of additional settlers.

Ein Yahav is the first moshav in the Arava. It began in 1959 as a Nahal outpost, settled by “Gar’inim” members of the Moshavim Movement. During the first three years, a vegetable garden was planted, new agricultural areas were prepared, and local wells were drilled. In 1962 some of the Nahal soldiers decided to stay at the outpost and the army leaves, The outpost became “naturalized” and the Nahal soldiers, who were released from the army, set up the “Moshbbutz” – an integration of a Moshav and a Kibbutz. A temporary form of cooperative life until the place turns into a workers’ moshav.

Ein Yahav is “the spring of hope” [Ma’ayan HaTikva] and the name seems to be defying the Bedouins’ nickname “Ein Wiva”, which means “serious trouble”. In this spirit, we are proud to continue and nurture the pioneering vision of Haggi Porat, our father, in our unique way. We have created a tourist complex that attracts many visitors from all over the country, adults and children, who enjoy the Bee Museum, the Garden of sculptures, live performances, restoration of the historic dining room of the Moshbbutz and, for dessert, we have natural honey made by us, at the apiary shop. We invite you to visit a unique agricultural farm, to absorb the pioneers spirit and enjoy the Moshav atmosphere!