About Porat Apiary

Since 1989

The Apiary Story

The idea of setting up an apiary came out of desire to develop an additional agricultural field, as well as growing vegetables, which will be based on growing animals without damaging their health or life.

This is how we got the idea of the bee industry – one of the few agricultural branches where the animal is cultivated and nurtured from the day of its birth until its death at a good old age.

We began in 1989 with only four hives. Over the years, the demand for pollination services and high-quality honey has increased, and the apiary grew and developed. Currently, Porat Apiary is one of the ten largest apiaries in Israel, with about 2000 hives scattered over the area, from Kibbutz Eilot in the south to the Beit Shemesh area in the coastal plain.

The hives serve hundreds of farmers for pollination of agricultural crops (melons, peppers and more), and for the production of pure species honey from many and varied grazing areas.

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Made in Israel

Our Honey

Porat Apiary is the largest southern apiary in Israel and specializes in the production of desert honey, pure and natural, made entirely of flower nectar.

The honey production is done in hives located in various grazing areas, from the southern Arava through the Middle Arava and the Negev to the Beit Shemesh area.

Therefore, our honey is a “species honey”, i.e., we have honey of various types which differ according to the grazing area, the type of flower and the season. For example: citrus honey, wildflower honey, Eryngium flower honey, and more.

In June 2018, our unique honey of the Arava Tamarisk flowers – which differ in texture and flavor from tamarisk honey from other sources due to the high temperature prevailing in the Arava – won first prize at a culinary competition in the special types of honey category.

Our honey meets strict European criteria under the supervision of the Honey Council and bears the label “Israeli Quality Honey”.

Erybgium (Jarjabina) Flower honey

The honey produced from the Erybgium (Jarjabina) flower has light color and delicate sweetness.

The tamarisk honey taste is special and intense. Sweet with a slightly bitter finish, its texture is creamy and thick, and its color is like the desert land.

Avocado Flower Honey

The avocado honey has a rich aroma and a bold and special flavor.

Citrus Flower Honey

The taste of citrus flowers honey is sweet and delicate with a wonderful aroma. It is bright in color compared to the rest.

The taste and color of wildflower honey may change according to the geographical location of the apiary and the typical blossom of the area.

Eucalyptus Flower Honey

The eucalyptus honey is slightly spicy compared to wildflower honey. It’s aromatic and has a slightly bitter finish.

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