To experience the Arava firsthand

At Porat farm, one of the Arava’s first farms, you’ll get to know the success story of living in the desert through beekeeping and honey production, agriculture, arts and pioneering.

Come visit the place where it all began, and experience firsthand the settlement in the Arava.

Our Honey

Porat Apiary is the largest southern apiary in Israel and specializes in the production of desert honey, pure and natural, made entirely of flower nectar.

The honey production is done in hives located in various grazing areas, from the southern Arava through the Middle Arava and the Negev to the Beit Shemesh area.

Therefore, our honey is a “species honey”, i.e., we have honey of various types which differ according to the grazing area, the type of flower and the season. For example: citrus honey, wildflower honey, Eryngium flower honey, and more.

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